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The Calotherm spray range includes Caloclear, Caloclean, Calocoat and Calosport.

There is a choice of product size, spanning 25ml to 5 litres to suit your application.


Calotherm Caloclear anti-static & anti-mist cleaning spray.  


Caloclear Solution is designed to provide an antistatic and anti-mist guard whilst thoroughly removing dirt and smears. The formulation aids demisting when moving between hot and cold environments.

Available in 25ml. and 100ml, 220ml and 550ml.

Calotherm Calocoat anti-static cleaning spray for all coated lenses.

The Calocoat spray is perfect for coated and polycarbonate lenses.  Antistatic formula. Use with Calotherm Calocoth microfibre cloth, the ultimate in lens cleaning technology.

Available in 25ml., 220ml and 550ml.

Calotherm Caloclean Solvent Free Lens Spray.

Caloclean spray has been specifically designed for use on all frame types including rimless glasses and delicate camera lenses where special care must be taken when cleaning. Safe for use on all frame types including rimless and nylon supra frames.


  Alcohol free.
. Solvent free
. Antistatic formula
. Environmentally friendly

Available in 25ml., 220ml and 550ml.

Calotherm Calosport anti-fog and anti-static cleaning spray.

From cycling, skiing, and golfing to running and swimming, sports enthusiasts have the long-standing challenge of cleaning and maintaining eyewear which is regularly subjected to steam, sweat, dirt, rain, and many other marks and stains.


Calosport ensures clear vision throughout the duration of sports activities with its anti-static and anti-fog formula.  Ideal for use with paintball/skirmish activities.


 Available in 25ml, 220ml and 550ml.

Calotherm Cloths and Wipes

Welcome to Calotherm – Clarity since 1934

Calotherm has a proven track record over 80 years of quality cleaning products for professionals.

From the legendary Microfibre Calocloth through to the original Caloclear spray, you can rely on years of experience behind the Calotherm range to provide the performance you need today.


The unique formulation of the Calotherm Microfibre Cloth far exceeds any conventional cloth and enables grease, dirt and moisture to be removed from the most sophisticated of coatings. The knitted fabric is produced with a higher concentration of fibres than any other cloth.

Calotherm Calocloths.

Calocloth is regarded as the finest microfibre cleaning cloth on the market. Calotherm's first grade cloth has super fine fibres with micron thin sides that, after high-density processing, leave an ideal microstructure able to remove fine dust and dirt, grease and water.

Polyester and Nylon are skilfully knitted and shrunk giving the cloth tough friction resistance properties that prevents it from shredding. It contains no chemicals, making it a safe cloth suitable for multiple uses.

The Microfibre is the ultimate device for cleaning lenses, spectacles, sunglasses, cameras, compact discs, windows and jewellery.

"Unlike other cloths which we have laboratory tested, the Calotherm cloth actually removed grease and residue… rather than merely pushing it around." - De Beers LV

Calotherm Calowipes 34's


Clean and shine in one easy step. ​The ultimate lens cleaning technology in a convenient moist wipe.

Each retail packs contains 34 individually packaged wipes. Ideal for cleaning all types of spectacles including coated lenses., screens and optical surfaces. Recommended for plastic, polycarbonate and multicoated lenses. Ideal for smartphones, tablets, cameras, optical lenses and in-car displays. No streaks, haze or residue build up. No harsh chemicals or abrasives.

Calotherm Calocare Kit.


Calotherm's Calocare care kit combines a microfibre cloth 6x5 inch, a Caloclear 25ml ant-static and anti-mist cleaning spray, and a handy screwdriver with magnifying lens.

Display pack of 6.

Calotherm Caloshine 100% impregnated cotton cloths. 

Caloshine cloths are Individually packaged 100% impregnated yellow cotton lens cleaning cloths.

Anti-static and ant-mist formula.

Display pack of 24 cloths size 9x6 inch.

Premier microfibre cloths.

Premier microfibre cloths are available in three sizes and a choice of colours.

Code MC64 size 6 x 4 inch pack 500 pcs.

Code MC86 size 8 x 6 inch pack 500 pcs.

Code MC1212 size 12 x 12 inch pack 25 pcs.

Premier microfibre cloths logo printing service.


Logo printing service available on Premier microfibre cloths. Minimum order 1000 pcs.

Single colour printing only. A one off charge applies for artwork and a printing block.


50% prepayment is required for all logo printed orders with the balance due on delivery. Lead time 5-6 weeks from confirmation of order.

Code MCLOTH.   Microclair microfibre lens cloths.

Trendy patterns of microfibre lens cloths, smartly packaged in a new eco friendly recyclable cardboard. Size: 7″x8″ with stitched edge (18x20cm).  Display pack of 24.

  • It will not scratch.

  • It leaves no streaks, smear or lint.

  • It removes fingerprints and oily residue without chemicals.

  • It is reusable and machine washable.

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