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Contact Lens Solutions For Soft lenses Including Silicone Hydrogels.

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Biotrue contact lens solution.  For soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel lenses.

Biotrue is a multi-purpose lens solution, inspired by the actual physiology of the human eye. It moistens by using a natural lubricant found in the eye and it is pH balanced to match healthy tears. To ensure optimal eye health, Biotrue maintains beneficial proteins and removes denatured proteins. This solution is perfect for sensitive eyes.
This solution effectively cleans, disinfects, rinses, stores and rejuvenates contact lenses. It’s suitable for all types of soft contact lenses. 


Available in 300ml and 2x300ml twin packs.  

Renu multipurpose sensitive eyes solution.   For soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel lenses.

Keep your sensitive eyes comfortable with a solution as gentle as your natural tears. ReNu MPS™ Multi-Purpose Solution is proven to fight germs12 and clean your soft contact lenses.
ReNu contact lens solution is specially formulated for sensitive eyes, gently cleaning, lubricating and disinfecting soft contact lenses. Using this solution can make you feel as if you have put in a new set of lenses every day.
For use as daily cleaner, rinse, and disinfecting agent. Compatible with all soft lenses including silicone hydrogel lenses.

ReNu® Multiplus Solution.  Conditioner and cleaner in one, aiding comfort of the lenses.

ReNu Multiplus provides a cushion of comfort for your contact lens wear. It is proven to fight germs, clean lenses and remove irritating protein deposits from your soft contact lenses. Daily use of ReNu Multiplus multi-purpose solution eliminates the need for a separate enzymatic cleaner or daily cleaner for many lens wearers.

Built-in protein remover - no need for separate enzyme cleaner.

Contains poloxamine for cleaning and comfort.

EasySept®   Hard on bacteria. Soft on eyes.

EasySept disinfects and stores all soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogels. When used in combination with the catalytic disc EasySept works to disinfect soft contact lenses, removing micro-organisms. After six hours the neutralisation process is completed and the Hydrogen Peroxide solution is completely converted to a preservative free saline solution, and lenses are ready to use. EasySept system contains 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution, lens case and catalytic disc.

Ingredients: Sterile and buffered 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with a phosphonic acid stabiliser, sodium chloride and phosphate buffers.

Peroxide lens solution   AMO Oxysept 1 Step.

Preservative free hydrogen peroxide based soft contact lens solution for effective cleaning and disinfection.

Oxysept 1 Step peroxide solution works to effectively clean your contact lenses using neutralizing tablets. The solution is suitable for all types of soft contact lenses, except for coloured lenses. Dirt and deposits are easily removed, thanks to Oxysept. The solution also moisturizes the lenses, making them comfortable to wear throughout the day. 

Oxysept 1 Step does not contain preservatives and is therefore suitable for users with sensitive eyes.

To always ensure proper and safe use of the solution, use the case and neutralizing tablets provided in the package, and strictly follow the included instructions.

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